Goals 2018!

Dearest IWS Members,

Hope you are all doing well and over those January blues!

Blessed to be here for 2018, another year where we can be successful, or another chance to get it right. I love starting the year by writing out my Goals for the year so I know where I am heading and what I need to do to get there. Here are my ‘Fabulous 5’ that can give you that direction:-

1. Write On Down –  have been writing a diary since I was aged thirteen but now I like to write a Gratitude Journal, I love writing, Get on down and write it down!  Write a few words daily that inspire you or you feel blessed to have experienced.

2. Shake it Off – If you have written down a few things for 2018 that you want to achieve you need to be full of health and stamina.  If your body needs to keep up with your brain then you need to work those muscles. Shake off that double chin, muffin top or thunder things. Do whatever it takes, walk, run, marathons, yoga, swimming or dancing. Get your body into shape, you will look better and feel even more better.

3. Keep the Faith – It works for me, if you want to call it meditation or prayer. Find a connection and thank your Creator whichever religious believes you have, but find that connection. We cannot control all that happens in our life, give Allah your stress and leave the rest. Be Thankful and ask for Forgiveness daily.

4. Brown is Best – Try and change what your eating and choosing more healthy options.  Replace all White rice, bread, sugar (which is bleached and will only make you bloated) and replace for everything Brown. natural and more tasty.

5. Keep hydrated – Drink water as much as you can, they say 8 glasses of water a day for an average person but I think your body will regulate how much it need, if 70% of our bodies is made up of water then we need to keep topping up.  When you get thirsty, thats your body telling you, hey stupid give me water, its bee too long since you have had a drink.  Great cure for tension, migraines and spots, see how your skin changes.

I wish you well and I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events this year!

Love & Duaas

Founder of IWS
Maryum Sharif




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