First Lunch 2015 @ Olive Garden

To kick start off our 2015 we are having a celebratory lunch at Olive Garden.

IWS are stepping away from their comfort zone and looking at more adventurous venues for 2015.  We seem to be at home in Dubai Mall, only because after lunch, coffee or dinners we get a chance to do a bit of shopping to complete the day.

Olive Garden is a recommendation by Ruchi Sud whom is an active member of IWS.  I finally arrive after giving the taxi driver my Google maps directions. I walk in and instantly I know its the perfect choice for lunch on a Saturday afternoon because there aren’t many spaces for anyone else to sit.

Thankfully I semi-reserved a table for ten yesterday and kindly the restaurant was very accommodating in providing us with a separate seating area.

Olive Garden is cozy and affordable.  Decor simple but the Italian music was fabulous, a spot of Opera to put you in the mood.

All the ladies arrive (besides Ruchi who is always fashionably late) and we started to quickly order when going through the mouth-watering menu.   Everyone order everything, from pasta, soups and lovely fresh salads.

IMG_2690Our orders arrive and we all get stuck in; now it maybe that I was consumed with conversations in getting to know the IWS Newbie’s that I completely missed out on the great Olive Garden refills.  I see some ladies ordering repeat orders, its only after I finished my delicious ravioli that I was told that soups and drinks were refillable.  So not only were they tasty but unlimited.  Now that’s value for money!!

Ruchi finally arrives and joins the eight other ladies on the table, she came on an empty stomach so is keen to order quickly and get stuck in too.

Whilst we got stuck into our lunches as always it was wonderful to hear the amazing stories of each of the women, we discussed new beginnings, moving to Dubai, fresh start in 2015, careers, friends, family, religion, diets but most of all we all ended on a positive note of gratitude. I’m always thankful to be introduced to such amazing and interesting women.


Destiny brings us to Dubai for our own personal or professional reasons. For me each time I hold a meetup for IWS I learn something new.  Today I learnt a new term –  ‘Fishetarian’ which means:- ‘an individual who will not eat meat or poultry but by choice or belief eats fish’.  So you see you learn something new everyday.  That’s exactly how I feel you should live your life, growing spiritually, mentally and physically, Always Learning and Growing!!

I just love organizing events for women, empowering, educational and fun events. May IWS go from strength to strength! (In Shaa Allah)

Olive Garden is a great place for families and friends;  service was great and we give it a 7/10

It was a great start to IWS for 2015!!

Until the next time.

Love & Blessings

Maryum Sharif

Founder of IWS


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